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Queen of the Nile by Tim Fountain

Director: Mike Bradwell

Designer: Mila Sanders

Projection and Sound Design:  Mic Pool

Lighting Design:  Jason Taylor

Hull Truck Theatre 2013

“Mila Sanders's design is a vision of chronically congested overdevelopment enhanced by Mic Pool's digital projections” The Guardian

“Mila Sanders's evocative design”  The Observer

“Plaudits, though, for the design team of Mila Sanders, Jason Taylor and Mic Pool: the designs convey the play’s contrasts wittily and imaginatively, with the video inserts especially well-judged.”

“Mila Sanders’ design works well on Hull Truck main stage – a profusion of washing, hieroglyphics and garish colours evokes Luxor’s smells and colours, and Debbie’s progression from middle-aged frump to confident eastern belle is heart-warming. The sandals of each is apposite – Debbie’s Fit-flops, Mahmoud’s authentic leather and Lesley’s bright pink crocs.”