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Jelly Bean Jack

Director: Peter Glanville

Designer: Mila Sanders

Puppet and Mask Design: Sue Dacre

Lighting Design: David Duffy

Music : James Hesford

The Little Angel Theatre 2008

“The puppet world, designed by Mila Sanders, is a sun-scorched, cactus-strewn hinterland, whose unforgiving nature is aptly summed up in the twanging double bass and jew's harp elements of James Hesford's original score.”  Time Out

“Good puppetry is magical. And Peter Glanville’s inspired ‘table top’ show has you on the edge of your seat from the arrival of a solitary red car in the desert somewhere in Tex Mex country to the flying chicken which transports the diminutive Jack and his mother away to fulfil their dreams at the end.”  The Stage